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Eucon users here switching layouts


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Hi all,

Are there any Eucon users out there?  ie AVID S3, S1, Dock, AVID Control etc.

For a long time now (and many computer systems and Eucon versions), I have been having hard crashes in Logic when changing Eucon layouts from any of the aforementioned devices.

I have reported it many times to Apple Devs and also spoken extensively with the Eucon support team.

Just curious to hear if any one else has this issue.




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On 4/23/2022 at 1:55 AM, ontrackp-1 said:

I use the Avid Control surface but don't switch the Eucon layouts so haven't experienced this problem.  Occasionally it does not start properly and I have to do the restart Eucon devices function.

Hi ontrackp-1.  

Thanks for the response.

As of today, I seem to be having a heap of issues with tracks not being selected, more crashes.  (this is with todays LPX 10.7.4 and Eucon 2022.4.0.78 (though I had been testing that Eucon version for some time.)  Given it got particularly worse today, I am suspecting that something in the Logic code is not quite right. Going to try a few other things.

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