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Nudge overlap regions instead of notes?


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I’m wondering if there is a way to nudge midi overlap regions instead of midi notes. 

For more thorough explanation see below:

Say, hypothetically, you have three notes and they are legato with two overlaps (between the first and second notes, and the second and third notes). The amount of overlap is set up to trigger the desired type of legato (through Kontakt), and this amount of overlap is already correct. Now, you play back the sequence and realize that the second note sounds rhythmically behind. You can simply nudge it forward in order to get it in time. However, this is where the problems start. Nudging the note will lengthen the overlap at the beginning of the note and shorten the amount of overlap at the end of the note. If you simply drag the edge of the note forward, leaving the end of the note intact, this will still lengthen the overlap at the beginning of the note. In order to avoid this, I would like the option to select the overlap portion of the midi notes in order to move this overlap region only. This may sound odd, but I do a lot of little nudges when doing orchestral mockups and when one adjustment turns into three it takes a long time. Thanks for any help! 

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