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Separating/Eliminating Bleed with Real Human Drummer in Logic X?

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I've become spoiled using Logic drums for tracks - tons of sounds and everything isolated - my only complaint there has been "humanizing" things with the feel. As such, I had some REAL drums tracks done for a new song (13 tracks with 3 kicks, 2 snares, overheads, room etc.), love the performance BUT... there is tons of bleed on these tracks, and I'd like to separate things a bit for more control with EQ, compression etc. 

QUESTION: Using only Logic X plug-ins, I'm curious if there are any tips or videos on how to separate the misc. drums from each other? FYI I am messing with the noisegate plug-in, it's so-so at best (maybe I don't have the settings dialed in very well)?

Let me know if YOU know, and thanks in advance. 






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Bleed is really part of a drum kit sound, and your best bet imo, assuming the kit was mic'd/recorded appropriately, is to not try to *eliminate* the bleed, but just dial it back.

If you're not familiar with gating/expansion etc, then nows the time to hit up the YouTubes for techniques etc. Don't try and hard gate out all the bleed, just try to expand it down a useful amount of dBs so you gain a bit of separation that's enough to work with... it really depends on the signals/tracks you have, and what you are going for, but the more you do it, the better you'll get (as all things, of course!)

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