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Optimal M1 Mac for Logic

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Some have pointed out that the clock speed on the M1-series Macs has not changed since the first batch of Silicon machines came out. The M2 chip is apparently going to change that, maybe later this year?

So my question is: have peeps got a performance favourite among the older M1 series, ie Mac Mini M1, M1 Air, M1Pro, M1 Max? That is: performance exclusively on Logic, nothing to do with video editing etc etc

I'd also like to clear up the hazy - for me - question of cores. For instance can Logic address all those (20) cores on the a-mazing new Studio Ultra?

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Yes, Logic can use all the cores across the board, but you obviously have the single core processing limits to think about, as on all computers.

Obviously the Ultra has the most overall grunt for large projects, my my sweet spot is the M1 Pro MBP, in terms of power, fan noise, heat and battery life.

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I agree that the M1 Pro is an awesome choice for Logic. In a MBP it’s silent unless you push it to the limit for an extended period of time. The M1 Pro / Max offer more performance than most people will ever need. The Ultra even more so.

Logic can use all 20 cores in an Ultra. In another forum, one user managed to get his Ultra to play back 304 audio tracks each with 15 space designer plugins. That’s 4,560 convolution reverb plugins. Do you need that much power? 

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