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Logic - will the Mac mini M1 8GB handle an atmos session


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I'm running 3 studios all with 2018 Mac Pros - all on Catalina - but in one studio we have a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 set up. For our Atmos work up-until now we have been using Protools with the Dolby renderer.

With the new version of Logic having Dolby Atmos (spacial audio) built-in - as a logic user I now want to check this out - but all my studio computers are on Catalina (so I can't use the latest ver of logic) and are very happy that way :) - SO - I thought I'd update my 2017 Mac book pro i7 (16GB RAM) to the latest OS and Logic and see if it could handle an atmos session. All was ok until I started adding 7.1.4 reverbs (cinematic rooms) - and the computer just couldn't handle it.

In about a year I'll look at replacing all my Mac Pros with the new M1 Mac Pros - but until then - I was thinking of buying a Mac mini M1 8GB machine only to do Atmos mixes and play around in logic and atmos. All my Atmos mixes are dealing with audio files only - no audio instruments. Hardly any processing really - just 7.1.4 reverbs and delays. Would this M1 Mac mini handle it? TIA

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