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This might be a very basic question, but is there a controller command for 'Next / Prev Preset' ?

My Launchkey 49 has a navigation mode where 4 pads function like a mouse up/down/left/right.  It's handy for going to the next or prev preset when browsing through a new virtual instrument.  But my other midi controllers doin't have this.  I see a 'Next / Prev Plugin Setting' command in Logic, but this doesn't seem to increment through the presets as I had hoped.  Any ideas?

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Yes, there are key commands in Logic to switch next/prev AU presets for a plugin.

However, many plugins do not use the host's preset system, and instead have their internal, proprietry systems or browsers, and so Logic's key commands in this regard won't work. Some of those have their own learnable next/prev buttons, or respond to cursor up/down key commands etc but a lot of them don't, and in that case, you're out of luck.

It's for reasons like this we have a thread here where we save out plugin presets as AUpresets, so you can use Logic's preset/library browser, search, and the MIDI-learnable prev/next buttons to have a consistent mechanic for plugins.

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