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Download and install older version of Logic Pro on older Mac?


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Hi all, I have a 2011 iMac which I ran mbox pro 3 and pro tools. I have now upgraded my iMac to purchase Logic Pro x but my mbox is not compatible 😩 can I now get on old Mac and download an older copy of logic or do I have to bite the bullet and upgrade my audio interface? I just really liked the mbox that’s all

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Hello Kozzzie and welcome to Logic Pro Help. You had posted your question in the Tips and Tricks forum (which is reserved for posting Logic Pro Tips and Tricks), which is why it wasn't getting answered. I've moved it to the Logic Pro forum. 

Now to your question: assuming you already own an older Mac, you should try to install Logic Pro on it, some users have reported being able to install whatever the latest Logic Pro version is that is compatible with the Mac they're using, so in theory that should work. 

Having said that, doesn't the Mbox 3 have a class compliant mode? I would reach out to AVID and ask them if they can check whether or not your model is truly not compatible with your Mac? 

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