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Logic Pro 10.7.4 just released but still no fixes for the absolutely lousy MainStage 3.6!!!!


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Hi all

Just felt the need to vent about seeing the Logic Pro 10.7.4 update today but there's still no sign of an update to fix all the bugs and crashing with the chronically crap MainStage 3.6.  I'm still using 3.5.3 but I just feel terrible for those users who - for whatever reason - can't downgrade from 3.6 and who are stuck with it.

Rant over.

2020 MacBook Pro 16", 2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9, 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD, OSX 11.2.3 RME Fireface UFX+


MainStage v3.4.4 / v3.5.3

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They're built by different teams, and the bugs that have been fixed in Logic are not bugs that affect MainStage. 

I do concur that MS is in need of an update — FWIW, I always keep a .zip of the last known "good" version of Logic and Mainstage on the Mac before updating.

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