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Frozen Tracks exported to mono instead of stereo


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When bouncing or exporting audio the channel format depends on what the last plugin is in the chain.  

If your last plugin outputs mono, Logic will output that track as mono, if its stereo, the output is stereo.  A good indication is the metering on your channel strip.  It will change from mono, to stereo, to surround, depending on that last plugin.  This makes it possible to just glance at your channel strips and tell how your tracks will be exported.

That said, it's still possible to have tracks come out sounding mono, regardless of the stereo format.  This is either because there is a mono plugin somewhere else in your strip, or even the instrument itself is mono.  Not to mention, you can't just take a mono sound and apply it to the left and right side because two identical sounds still equal mono, its just louder.  So for a track to be truly stereo you have to create differences in both sides.

There is a trick to inserting mono plugins on stereo tracks or stereo plugins on mono tracks, or the latter might be pointless because of what I just mentioned above. If you hold down Option as you click on the plugin menu, it will allow you to access other format plugins.  


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