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Change gain of selection (NOT normalise) in audio file editor

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Anyone know where the "change gain" function in the audio file editor is? I can only find "normalise gain".

In Logic 9, I could double click an audio region to open the sample editor (now the audio file editor, I believe?) and then make a selection and choose "change gain" from the functions menu to input a + or - dB value and apply the change destructively to the selection. Mostly I use this for cleaning up and comping vocal takes (reducing breaths etc.).

This approach doesn't seem to be supported in X? What's the next best workflow approach in X? I have read up on other related topics but can't seem to find anything appealing.

Any help appreciated, and no I don't require a lecture about destructively editing audio 😂


Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 7.09.01 pm.png

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You're looking at the Audio Track Editor. The Change Gain... command is still there, in the Audio File Editor:


However, there's very few reasons to destructively change the source audio file. You can change gain much better, quicker and non-destructive in the Main Window:


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Oh one additional things I'd like to know, and this would be great... With the approach of changing gain in the main window non-destructively, is there the possibility of a keyboard shortcut to actually change the gain rather than having to click in the gain field? Clicking in that field is a real flow killer.



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