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Snap selected regions start points to nearest bar (with one click) - possible?

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I've got a 'not to click' audio recording that's pretty close to 140 bpm (but not exactly) - it consists of the same sound repeated (with a nicely defined transient) with variations.
[BTW. I'm NOT using flex-time for this task (because: reasons!)]
I've had Logic find the transients and split the region 'by transient markers'
Now, I have each variation of the sound as its own region - and now I want them all on a bar line (at 140bpm)
They are all very close - but they're all 'off' by different amounts.
I'm loath to go thru all 100 or so and snap them 'by hand'..
I don't want to 'quantise' the transient markers because I don't want to risk any stretching algorithms coming into play..
The region start points are correct - they just need to be snapped to their nearest bar.. So, I've selected them all - now, where do I click? :D 


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snapping is what I'm asking about.
I can't auto-snap all the selected regions to a bar line - I could do them all one at a time (snap to absolute value - drag region towards bar line..)

but there's 150 or so regions on the timeline and they are all at varying distances away from their nearest bar line..

what I'm after is a kind of 'quantize' for region start points (instead of transient or slice markers).

I should be able to select all these regions, click a button and have them all snap to their nearest bar line.. after all, this is why we use computers - so that we don't have to do the same basic operation 100 times by hand! :D

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