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no audio coming from master volume?


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so, i have been working on a track recently that i guess has been wayyy too much for my laptop to handle. every time i open it, logic immediately freezes, i get a pop up that my computer is out of disk space, and i am given no other option but to force quit. luckily the song is just playing around so i don’t have much use for it. however, this last time after i had to force quit, when i opened logic back up to work on another track, i am getting no audio at all. so then i did a test run and opened everything—no audio from ANY of my projects. it is odd because it is showing that sound is coming from the individual tracks, but nothing is coming out of the master volume.

before anyone asks, yes i checked the output in my preferences, yes i have restarted my mac and logic multiple times, yes i checked the output on the individual tracks as well. i have no idea what to do, i’m hoping it will go away on its own but the fact that even restarting my laptop doesn’t do anything is very concerning.

has anyone else dealt with this? what was the solution? really trying to avoid having to delete and reinstall the program all together

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