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"Play" button (and whole Control Bar) disappeared?


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It's the main window which is the fundamental main working window in Logic. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? - that will make it much easier to try and diagnose where you are.

Screenshot is command+shift+3, then drop the image that's saved on your desktop into a reply here...

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There should be two ways to recover your control bar:

  1. Bring your mouse pointer to the very bottom of the window until your pointer looks like a resize symbol, and drag toward the top. 
  2. Choose Logic Pro > Key Commands > Edit, search for "Show/Hide Control Bar, select that command, click Learn by Key Label and assign it to a keyboard shortcut, then close the Key Commands window and use that to show the Control bar. 
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Thanks David, Tried #1 - didn't work. #2 a bit complicated for me. Since this is the only project that this happened to, I think I'll leave it go. I'm thinking I must have hit something on my keypad that made the record/play buttons dissappear. Thanks for trying Dave...

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7 minutes ago, Johnny-Boy said:

Thanks for trying Dave...

You're welcome! An easier way to get there perhaps: 

Choose Window > Open Main Window. Does the new main window have a control bar? Great, close the old one, and keep that one open. Option-click the green button to make the new main window full screen.

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Just now, Johnny-Boy said:

Yes, the only project that doesn't show the control bar is this one. 

I understand that, and my suggestion is to fix that one project. That one project can have multiple main windows open at the same time, so open a new one and if that new main window has a control bar then you can close the old one and you'll have a main window with a control bar in that one project. 

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  • David Nahmani changed the title to "Play" button (and whole Control Bar) disappeared?
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3 hours ago, spoony11 said:

That last option helped me David.  By closing out the window then opening a new main window did it. I too was experiencing a missing control bar and record and tempo options. 

Great! Good to hear that's still helping you months later. And welcome to Logic Pro Help ! 🙂 

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