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Plugin latency numbers displayed as seconds vs milliseconds

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Just fired up my new Studio Max and now when I hover over a plugin to get its latency in ms, it shows for example 419 samples=0 sec.

every reading is =0 sec. I need to try a limiter and see what that says but other plugins I know were 5ms on my Trashcan at 256 buffer now show 0 sec. On my Max set at 64 buffer, I can’t tell if there’s just so much less plugin latency, which would be great or if Logic is now only showing in seconds and not ms which wouldn’t be great. 

I’ll do more tests. Does plugin induced latency change with buffer settings? With different processors?

Mac Studio Max, 64gb ram, OSX 12.1.3
Logic 10.7.4

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Yes, this is a known issue that affects Logic running on Monterey, in the main... It looks to just be a display issue with the rounding of numbers into seconds (which is obviously not useful...)

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mu:zines | music magazine archive | difficultAudio | Legacy Logic Project Conversion | Logic 10.7.4, MBP 16" M1pro

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