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Plugin latency numbers displayed as seconds vs milliseconds


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Just fired up my new Studio Max and now when I hover over a plugin to get its latency in ms, it shows for example 419 samples=0 sec.

every reading is =0 sec. I need to try a limiter and see what that says but other plugins I know were 5ms on my Trashcan at 256 buffer now show 0 sec. On my Max set at 64 buffer, I can’t tell if there’s just so much less plugin latency, which would be great or if Logic is now only showing in seconds and not ms which wouldn’t be great. 

I’ll do more tests. Does plugin induced latency change with buffer settings? With different processors?

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Hi there, thx you all for all thoses years of chatting around Logic, i've learn a lot here.
Same issue still there on OS Ventura 13.6.3 / Logic 10.8.1 / M1
Would be great to have the equivalence in ms from the latency sample numbers,
And even more... for each track or bus: A SUM OF THE LATENCY caused by the plugins on that track or bus! At least, would could see on which track all the other ones are lignin up.

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Yeah still like this for me after almost 2 years. I guess if we know the sample rate (e.g. 48kHz) then we could just calculate it by dividing the number of samples of latency by the sample rate? So if a plugin has latency of 200 samples then that would be 200/48000 = about 4ms?

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