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Recording with Presonus Studiolive 16.0 USB in Logic Pro X

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I recently bought a Digital Mixer ( Presonus Studiolive 16.0 USB ) and I tried to record my vocals as usual using a Rode NT1A but the input is always in mono and not in stereo as I wanted. I am used to do my recording with Soundcraft 16 with stereo input. I searched in Google why the input is turning in Mono but I haven't not found the solution. The problem here is I want to record myself in stereo input but I can't ! Is there any Personus expert here ?? 

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  • David Nahmani changed the title to Recording with Presonus Studiolive 16.0 USB in Logic Pro X

Hi, I am not familiar with your model of digital mixer. But is your microphone connected to the mixer via an XLR (3 pins) - 1/4' jack cable to the mixer that looks like this?image.thumb.png.27b1ce34e0706cf8b14c4fc30c30f024.png

this is a mono cable, but even if you have one that is in stereo, as in thisimage.thumb.png.c010383f3820d46650eb1b749f57dca2.png


It still probably won't do the job because on your mixer the inputs are mono, so you will probably need something like this, so one goes into the mic and the other 2 ends go into the L/R channel of a channel input in your Presonus. 


But all this will do is to make the input display as stereo but the meter will show that it is still in fact a mono recording, because by default a microphone is a mono input, to record your vocal in stereo you will need to have two microphones. Stereo input is when you have 2 audio signals that are different from each other going into the mixer, for example 2 microphones placed at different positions to record an acoustic guitar. 

It is unusual to be recording your vocal in stereo. If you add reverb and delay to your vocal, the final result will be in stereo. You can also double track your vocal, which means sing the same thing twice on two tracks, you can then manipulate the two tracks with panning to widen the stereo image. But to record one single performance with 2 microphone is not a common thing to do for vocal.

hope this helps!

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None of those cables will work since the mic needs phantom power, which only works with an xlr-xlr cable. The mic is a mono source, and should be recorded to a mono track in Logic. Don't know what problem you have, is it that you only hear the mic on one side ?

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