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Logic to MainStage migration: performance, midi mappings questions


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I've been developing a way of performing with Logic, and was pointed to MainStage as possibly a better fit for what I'm doing.

Long story short I have a Logic project with 2 Retro synth instances, some effect sends, and a bunch of mappings on my midi controller. To "perform" I play both Retro synths from the controller at the same time, using track-indexed mappings.

I have successfully saved the Retro and aux send channel strips in Logic and opened them in MainStage -- cool!

Now, can I somehow "export" my midi controller assignments to MainStage?

And: should I expect MainStage to be more efficient with system resources and more reliable than Logic in live performance?


MBP 13" 2017, Monterey, Logic 10.7.3
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AFAIK, controller assignments in Mainstage are something to be built… 

1st step,  to build your GUI in Mainstage, which pretty much consist of drag an drop pictograms representing your keyboard(s), the control knobs, sliders, VU, etc…

2nd step, assign each of those pictogram knobs to your hardware controller equipment.

3rd step, assign the various channelstrip components (pan, volume, sends, plugin’ parameters, etc…) to the GUI pictograms (from step 1).

The step order isn’t mandatory. Some planning is however advised, because hierarchy applies to assignment. Such hierarchy permits different assignments setup according to patches, songs and concert. One could have different patches differing within a song, and many different songs could be included within a single concert. However, that setup hierarchy isn’t mandatory, but there if needed.

All that controller’s assignments flexibility isn’t available in Logic…

LogicPro 10.7.4, MainStage 3.6,
MBPro 17", Core2Duo, 8G, OSX 10.12.6, MacPro, Xeon 6Cores, 64GB, OSX 10.16.1,
ULN8, MOTU MIDI TP-AV, C4, MCU Pro, KorgNano, Novation SLMkII, Several vintage gear
AAS, NI, Celemony, Spectrasonics, Korg, Arturia, etc..., PC, iPadPro 5th gen 12.9”(Duet D., V-Control & LogicRemote), AtariST(Notator SL),

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