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Audio playback cuts in and out (ie audio drops).


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I'm having an issue where the audio is periodically dropping out. Everything is up-to-date on my Mac, and I've tried switching buffer, and interfaces, as well as the internal speakers. Even happens if I do a bounce (the stereo bounce has the drops in the playback).

I don't have plugins in demo mode, and I've tried everything: getting rid of freeze files, re-scanning plugins, preference resetting, and "turning it off and then on again". Soundtoys had to reset their iLok auth for me, but not sure why that would matter.

Any other ideas?

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Hi Jebcook, seems like you've already tried some options.

Does it happen to one specific project only, or is it happening to all the projects you have?

If you start a new project, does it also happen? And is it only happening to recorded materials, or is audio dropping in and out even when you're just playing with a midi instrument or have software monitor enabled for an audio input?


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