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Odd time signatures


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Is there a way to do odd times signatures that aren't whole numbers? Been trying to do something with a 3 1/2 count (1 2 3and 1 2 3and) and it seems like there's no way to do this. Closest I've been able to come is making the time signature 14/8 at 72bpm, but the problem is that the first three are on the beat, but after the 1/2 beat the next three are in between the beats and it's almost impossible for me to play along with it and then all of a sudden against it. Been thinking the only way around this is to make my own click track using drums, maybe in the step sequencer, but that's not ideal of course, not to mention that the grid has the same issue of being a half step out of place the same way the metronome would be. 

Is there some better approach to this I'm missing?

An example of this is Hungry Ghost, by Brad Mehldau. They're playing 4s and 8s that dance around the constant 7 of the two 3 1/2s and it's all bouncing around each other. But I can't find a way to do something like this in a structured way in Logic unless I just completely ignore the bar lines and beats and just record freely as if it were tape in a completely unstructured way. That's an option of course but then I can't do loops or copy-and-paste sections or anything.


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2 hours ago, seth said:

Been trying to do something with a 3 1/2 count (1 2 3and 1 2 3and)

the 7/8 pattern the keyboard player does in the beginning you count as 8th notes:

12 12 123

It's amazing how freely they play over that pattern. Let alone the left hand doing the pattern drone and the right hand soloing like no big deal.

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