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Flex time artefacts


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1 hour ago, apaclin2 said:

Is it possible that after turning flex time on and off it could still leave artefacts? I'm suspicious of it.


Flex is a nondestructive editing technique, meaning that it never changes the audio data contained in the audio file. Instead, Flex loads the audio data in RAM and processes the RAM copy which you hear when you playback your Flexed region in Logic Pro. In the Finder, you can use Quick Look to playback the original audio file unaffected by Flex even wile your Logic Project with the Flexed region is open. 

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Yeah I use it often and deactivating FlexTime seems to revert to the original unchanged source audio.  In fact, a way you can compare whether Flex is hurting or helping your audio is to deactivate it on the track and do a before and after compare.

It's also well worth exploring the algorithm options as the automatic selection isn't always the best choice.

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