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Saving a "summing stack" for use in future projects - but it loses its track names..??


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Ok, so I'm experimenting with constructing templates and thought it would be good to save the 5 sections of a string ensemble as a summing stack to easily load in other projects.
The first one I did looked like this when I saved it:


and looked like this when I opened it in another project (tested it 3 times, quit and re-opened Logic in between)


Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug I'll have to live with?

It's a shame because I'm attempting to be more organised - and labelling things properly is a big part of that... this is obviously not helping :D

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Just tried it again - this time with 8 multis in a summing stack.
All named. Did nothing else on the computer in between building it, labelling it, saving it, closing it and then re-opening it..
Upon the first re-open it had lost 2 of its track names and the location of the samples for at least one of the multis (maybe all of them - don't know, did an auto search and it found what it needed)
Re-typed the 2 missing names and re-saved it (overwriting the previous save)
Upon second re-open it had lost 6 of its track names but loaded the samples ok.
Re-typed the 6 missing track names and re-saved.
Third open: 6 missing track names..

What's up? There's literally (if you'll pardon the ironic pun) no Logic to it..!

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It might be related to Kontakt

Yeh, it's the darnedest thing.. it works fine with everything else but Kontakt (I now know, having tested a load of other stuff)
Still, It's a cool little system which I'm glad I thought of (I mean, for me.. I'm sure I'm not the first!), it'll be very useful for my process! 
Hopefully I can eventually iron out the reason for it doing that with Kontakt patches..
Neat and quickly buildable - in a 'modular' way - orchestral templates!!
(I don't always want to start sessions with 1000 patches loaded.. :D)
I'm really impressed with this feature in Logic where you can record on the summing track (and it plays all the sounds within - like, I can play the full string ensemble part) and then I can drag that part down onto the individual sections duplicating it on the violins violas etc. and, by muting notes in each of those regions I can get the individual parts if needed.. great!

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I've been trying to do the same thing and keep running into the same problem. Sometimes the track name is <unknown>. Other times the tracks simply forget the names I created and revert to the name of the Patch.

Has anyone found a solution? (Or figured out exactly what causes the problem?)

Michael Gordon Shapiro, Composer




Logic (always using most recent version), Mac Pro (Late 2013), macOS Whatever The Most Recent One Is

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