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Good way to record for punching, piano tracks?


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If it's MIDI, then yes, Sustain pedal can be problematic, as punching in will likely result in more or less Sust On events that Sust Off events, both of which will probably bite you later.

I'd suggest playing a couple independent takes on separate tracks, then stitch the best bits together, like this:


Now, Sustain is usually quickly released right after the start of the new chord, then pressed again. This means if you cut right before the new chord like I did in the demo, Sustain is pressed and cutting there will create an extra Sustain On event right there. So what looked like this:


now looks like this. Note the extra two Sust On events right before the chords:


Click on these and delete them, else you may get some chords keep sustained erratically even with Sustain off.

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Thanks Christian, for the information and the visuals.  I will study and try it out.  I was thinking, could I delete the possible offending sustain pedal events before "stitching"  and then add them back in manually? Perhaps writing them in the score editor?

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