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An orchestration on a Puccini masterpiece

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Last I commented on your song, a Tango I think.   I mentioned articulations, including Expression, Modulation, etc...   The same would apply here.   Musically you have all the notes there but you need some dynamics, layers and textures to really bring a piece to life.   Check out some of the Ryan Thomas Tutorials on East West YouTube Channel.   Here is one example below.    The music or the purpose of the music in this video is irrelevant, what is important is looking at how movement, layers and dynamics are created.  

Lastly, Project Sam has some excellent sample MIDI files for download.   I would recommend downloading some of them and studying how some of these techniques are achieved with MIDI.   I think they will be very useful for your purpose.


Hope this is helpful.



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That is really helpful, Mark. The EW clip is great, although as you mentioned musically it is not carrying similar content of my orchestration works, but makes me think if I do apply at least few of the principles and learnings, it can enhance the presentation of my work to a more professional level. 

Thanks again for the time you spent listening to my music and importantly sharing your invaluable comments.

Take care, Shahram

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