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Is there a way to adjust automation on decimal?


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A semi-serious point: No one who hears your music will be thinking "wow, that automation swell on the guitar was only only 0.9dB, instead of a nice round number 1.0dB".

I get that we humans like round numbers, it *looks* clean and more "correct", but we often lose sight :) of what it *looks* like is not what's important. If it sounds good, and the number is only 0.87dB - that's fine. ;)

I think it's good to overcome some of the visual OCD that it's easy to get stuck in...

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7 minutes ago, jkeat888 said:

I have the same Q, thx for asking. I hold down the control button and get a right click pop up screen where I can choose many options (?) (it won't screenshot either ;p)

Start clicking the automation node and hold down your mouse or trackpad, then hold down the Control key and continue dragging. 

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