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Multiple Windows on Extended Desktop

Chipp Tate

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I now have a 32" curved widescreen to go with my MacBook Pro. I got that to have multiple windows of a project open simultaneously and I'm making progress but it's still erratic and difficult to control. So far I've learned to:

1) Create and switching between multiple windows with transport bars using the number buttons from the Window drop-down.

2) Move those to the extended monitor and place them using the the Window drop-down commands, and then size them with the mouse.

3) Use Bring All to Front to regain control when lost.

What I need to learn is:

1) How to save those configurations so they're stable and then recall them after the project is closed and re-opened.

2) How to keep the Dock from jumping to the extended desktop (no doubt because of something I'm doing while mousing around). And how to get it back when it's there.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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