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Popping sound with audio in Live Loops- bug?


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I have been working with Apple on this issue, but it's slow going. I thought I would bring up the issue here to see if anyone has some insight.

When I record audio into Live Loops, there is an audible "pop" when the audio loops. It's subtle when it's only one track, but over multiple tracks it adds up and is very annoying. As I understand it, this is the nature of looping audio- there's an audible transient when the clip ends and starts again. That's why smoothing this transient is usually a standard feature in live looping software and hardware. Even inside of Logic, there is no problem when looping in the Tracks area. You can even drag a clip from Live Loops into Tracks area, and it won't pop as long as it's in the Tracks area. The pop comes back if you drag it back into Live Loops.

MIDI Live Looping works fine of course. But quality, real time live looping of audio (voice, guitar, etc) is made impossible by this problem. I can work around it by being mindful how I end musical phrases so they are less likely to audibly pop. But that's no fun. Aa I said, this is a standard feature in other live looping DAWs, plugins, and pedals, and even works in other areas of Logic.

Is it possible I've overlooked something? Would love for this to come down to an improper setting or something.

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I don’t have experience in that aspect of Live Loops. 

However, as a workaround, have you tried adjusting the fades (in/out) or perhaps importing your recording into Sampler and adjusting the fades from in there?

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