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Random flashing screen


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Hi all,

I randomly get a flashing white screen while Logic is open. It even happens if Logic is just sitting there idle, nothing to do with input from the mouse or keyboard. Playback still works but somethings don't work. I can't expand comp folders, for example. Sometimes stopping playback or starting playback fixes the problem. It's very intermittent. It was happening on my old trashcan Mac Pro but it's still happening on my brand new Mac studio. 

I don't run much 3rd party stuff, just some Waves plug ins. I'm still using my old Logic templates.

Here's a video of what it looks like:




Logic X, Mac Pro
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That flashing screen happens when you press a key command that is unavailable (for example a command that does something to the selection but nothing is selected). Is something sitting on your keyboard, pressing on a key? A cat, a book... or maybe the keyboard itself is faulty? Try to disconnect it or turn it off and see if it stops from happening. 

My new Logic Pro Book is out!

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Hi David,

Ah my cat, how did I not see her sitting right there on my keyboard? But yes, it appears to be a faulty keyboard. After disconnecting and reconnecting a few times the problem seems to have stopped completely.

Another helpful tip is to show keyboard viewer, which shows keyboard keystrokes to help find the faulty key. It's in system preferences, keyboards then there's a little check box to put it in the menu bar.

Thank you David, that flashing was seizure inducing for sure.


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Logic X, Mac Pro
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