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2019 MacBook Pro SSD removal or upgrade?


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I am pretty sure I know the answer already to this but thought this crazy-cool-hip forum might just have a solution.

I am about to upgrade my 2019 MacBook Pro 8tb computer to one of the new "M" MacBook Pro's. One of the most expensive parts is the 8TB storage. Is there any way to remove my current 8tb SSD? What solution is out there for a portable 8TB (At least) solution that is as fast (or close to) that can be used without an external power supply? Any thoughts?

Thanks to all you Logic Users!  

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AFAIK the internal storage is an Apple proprietary design and there are no other devices that can interface with those.

I've made the best of a bad bargain by buying the mobile computers with the lowest or second lowest storage capacity. Enough to hold the system, email and my office (PDFs, spreadsheets, text documents).

Everything else is on external storage, precisely because I can move and use it to the next machine. Perhaps this could be a consideration for you in your buying decision.

I just ordered a MacStudio and I'm doing the same again (lowest storage option, buying an external OWC 4X nvme enclosure). Come to think of it, I've always done it that way because my storage needs as a music producer have always been far greater than what the machines are designed for.

Granted: I don't do live performances where cables and docks are definitely a problematic issue. If that was my reality I would probably also buy larger internal storage.

But again: We have 16TB of active storage that we need in order to run or productions. 12 TB for sample libraries (yes, they've amassed over the years...) and 4TB for the ongoing projects. This is just not possible internally. They won't even sell me that much internal storage even if I was willing to pay the price.

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High speed USB bus powered SSDs are easily available up to 4TB in the $400 range on Amazon from a wide range of brands.

At 8TB, OWC has the Envoy Pro EX at $1500, Sabrent has one for $1400. We're still at the point where going from 4TB to 8TB almost doubles the cost per byte.




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