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Minilab MkII Drum Pad Issues


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Hey! So, I would like to start by saying my controller is only a few weeks, maybe a month old, and this problem is even newer than that. When I first got it, everything worked perfectly, and still does work as intended in at least Ableton. Anyway, a few weeks ago I started noticing one of my drum pads, specifically the first one in the row, and only when it’s in the 1-8 bank, not when I switch to the 9-16 bank, it plays as normal there, was malfunctioning. Whenever I hit it, it works normal with good sensitivity, can hit it repetitively it doesn’t sustain and such, and as soon as I hit another one of the pads afterwards, they all work normally together with no issues going back and forth, but if I want to go back to the first one after having hit another I have to hit the first one extremely hard to get it to respond again, and it holds a sustain indefinitely. When I look at it in the Arturia midi control center, it looks like it responds normally even if Logic isn’t playing a sound because I didn’t hit it hard enough, and that doesn’t show it should be sustaining either, as well as it behaves normally in Ableton, but it is giving me this weird problem in Logic and I would appreciate any help in fixing it, or at least a way to remap the default drums to a different pad. I’ve tried reinstalling the Arturia midi control center, forgetting the controller in Logic, and playing with a few of the settings but I can’t seem to fix it, and help is much appreciated, thanks!

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19 hours ago, enossified said:

Try recording a track and then look into the Event List Editor to see what messages were sent when you played Pad 1.

Does this happen regardless of what instrument you are playing, or just particular instruments?

It does show that one particular pad as having a super long length even while played short like the others, and it’s on every instrument unfortunately 

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