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Boring Thunderbolt hub question!

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I've got a Mac Mini with the M1 chip - a 2020 model, I think. It's got the two Thunderbolt ports plus 2(?) standard USB ports. I've got the Thunderbolt ports filled with two SSDs, one is my main audio drive - files for all my Logic, PT, S1 sessions live inside. The other SSD has Sound Libraries for Logic and S1. I'd like to add a third SSD - I'm starting a new album and want it to live separate from other work. I'm eternally tech-naive, so bear with. Is there a simple adaptor anyone can recommend that would allow me to run two drives into one of the two T-bolt ports? Or... could I use an adaptor to plug an SSD into one of the standard USB ports?



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10 minutes ago, triplets said:

Thunderbolt drives are best for video editing, which has a greater bandwidth than audio.

So USB 3 SSD is plenty for audio in my experience.

So, could I used a simple adaptor to plug my SSD containing the Sound Libraries into my standard USB hub, freeing up one of the Thunderbolt ports? 

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On 5/28/2022 at 12:09 PM, triplets said:

You mean an actual cable or a port adapter?

What SSD model is it?

Hey triplets - didn't see your post until today. All of my SSD are Samsung T7, I think. Just to say, though, I now understand that Thunderbolt shares the same connector as USB-C, and that I don't actually need to worry so much about using specifically T'bolt drives etc. 

I ended up buying a 4-input USB-C hub and I'm good to go, far as I can tell. Hope my question(s) weren't too confused/confusing. 

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20 minutes ago, triplets said:

Hey Grumblepig, great to hear you figured it out, thanks for posting back!

I always say I'm not a tech guy, but that goes hand in hand with my not being a terminology guy either! I'm learning, but it's slow-going sometimes. You've been helpful more than once - always appreciated. 

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