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logic/Mainstage script voice priority

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i need a midi script for upper note priority and another one for lower voice priority - found one at gearspace for last note priority but need the other ones for use with stacking hardware synths together with the logic arpeggiator - when using the arpeggiator the hardware synths priority doesn't work like expected.


if anyone has these scripts or likes to program them please let me know


many thanks in advance!!!

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hmm.  I just tried a quick test and it worked for me.  Not sure why that wouldn't work for you.  I'd try to ask the author of blueArp, he updates it a lot.  But anyway, it works for me and its strange that it doesn't work for you so you might want to get to the bottom of that in any case.

Other arps floating around that work in LogicPro/Mainstage as AUMFX include:

  • Kirnu Cream (there is both a free and paid version as I recall)
  • Cthulu (commercial)
  • Stochas (now free)
  • Riffer
  • HY-Plugins

Doing something like this in Scripter is certainly possible but it would be pretty involved and time consuming to work out the code.  if you are good with Javascript, there are some arp example scripts from Apple I believe, you might be able to figure something out.


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4 minutes ago, electron said:

maybe it's because i am still on catalina and should try an older version of Bluearp..

I personally think that is unlikely, but hey...ya never know.  I am on Monterey and LogicPro 10.7.4, but this is very basic behavior of all plugins that I don't think should be affected so much by your OS version or even the version of LogicPro..its very basic behavior that really should just be working for you.  

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I have another system at home, will try it later - many thanks for the other arpeggiator midifx!

i would like to use the simple but effective logic build in arpeggiator, but than i need the upper/lower priority scripts and my head won't code any java... is not suited for that

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Other arp options also include, if you know of a VST arp that does what you wish (even though LogicPro can't host VST)...you can get the cheap (or free if you want to build it yourself) sub-hoster called Kushview Element.  It comes also in AUMFX version.  So basically you put that into your MainStage midifx slot and then inside it you can use any VST plugins also...  There might be a few more VST arps out there to consider, but I'm not that familiar with what all is out there.


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that would be really cool!!

i have three analog hardware synths that are controlled by a masterkeyboard in Mainstage. they have all separate external channelstrips inside of Mainstage and two of them have different logic arpeggiators midifx in their channels.

the one without has a pad sound, the other ones with the arpeggiators are upper part and bass.

the both arpeggiated synths are set in the hardware to upper and lower priority.


When playing with the masterkeyboard the arpeggiator generates pattern out of all pressed keys, but it to use only the highest/lowest key and generate the pattern out of these notes - the result is really stunning for live performances... works with bluearp... only the save problem with the bluearp status is there for me at the moment


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