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Playing General Midi file songs in Logic.


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Hello everyone,

I am trying to load/play full type 1 midi song files in Logic.

I have watched people on Youtube load them by dragging them straight into the arrange page which is what I have been trying to do. Apple says that is how they work as well.

What happens for me is that I get GM devices instead of software instruments loading and can't figure out what needs changing.

Logic seems to think I want the file to play external instruments when I just want software.

I can imagine this is an easy fix.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you.

Logic 10.5.0 Mojave.

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1 minute ago, rededfred2010 said:

No not all. What am I missing ?

It's possible that Logic isn't finding the software instrument patches it wants to load and therefore uses external MIDI channels instead. Choose Logic Pro > Sound Library > Open Sound Library Manager and make sure you install all the content. 

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