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Is launching the Rosetta version first necessary?


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I've read that launching the Rosetta version of Logic first before using the non Rosetta version helps

when using non AS plugins. I can't find anything official on this though. 

Is this really necessary? Seems like a wonky way of doing it and I'm getting tired of going back and forth between Logic versions every time I install a plugin that hasn't been updated to M1 yet. 

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It's not necessary no, but there is a bug that can be triggered if you are updating a plugin which was formerly Intel only, but is updated to a universal binary - the cache can miss the change and Logic continues to see it as Intel only, and use it under Rosetta. Revalidating may fix it, but sometimes some third-party plugins can get funky, and revalidating under Rosetta works better for these.

But no, it's generally not necessary - I'd suggest only do it if validating an Intel plugin with Logic running natively isn't working correctly.

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