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Can you restore logic after factory reset?

ghost notes

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Hello. My friend has a fairly new version of logic Pro on his fairly new MacBook, the Mac was bought from Apple and had Logic pre-installed. He recently picked up some Trogan virus and his I.T people have suggested moving all his files and doing a factory reset. Does anyone know if this will delete Logic and all other software/programs? And of so, is it possible to reinstall it from the app store once his laptop has been reset?


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There is no such "factory reset" procedure like on a phone as such. They either mean, reinstalling macOS (which won't affect your existing files and software), or they mean wiping your drive completely and reinstalling macOS (which will delete everything on it and you'll lose your apps and files.)

Yes, if Logic was purchased from Apple under your Apple ID, you should be able to re-download it from the App Store if you need ti.

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