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Live Loops not recording audio – randomly


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Hello! Another Live Loops question here.

To note, I did run the tutorial in Logic, which was helpful, but I'm having a confusing issue recording audio.

I have several cells with Drummer loops going, those all operate fine. I then started recording guitar onto an audio track, and put down 5 different cells.

Then, I duplicated that track, and started doing second guitar parts into take folders – that was all going well and fine, until I got the the 4th cell.

Now, all of a sudden Logic stops recording into a new, blank cell. I've got it record-enabled/armed. I'm right clicking "Record into cell" (as I did with all the previous cells). The drummer track starts playing, along with the first guitar part, but instead of recording into the new cell, it just plays the other cells. No recording taking place, all of a sudden.

- Note, this is after sitting in front of Logic with this project open for several hours, it seemed to flake out at the end of my session. 

I just went and restarted Logic the next day, and recorded into the cell no problem – worked as advertised.

Is this a bug, or are there other settings I need to look at?

What could cause Logic to totally flake out after an amount of time?

Thanks for reading. Live Loops seems like a cool idea, but it also seems a little janky, is it just me?

I'm on 12.4 Monterey / Logic 10.7.4 / MacBook Pro 2018


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On 6/6/2022 at 5:24 PM, laserghost said:

 little janky, is it just me?

Nope , Iv counted about 20 bugs and GUI issues in Live Loops alone after started optimistically using it in July 2022. Could be so good. But Apple .

The Worst bug / Behaviour is Loop Length and how it hates .WAVs , Tip dont switch to 0 and back to 1 bar , it wont be one bar any more, rather 1 bar and 1 extra bit. See marked range in Audio Sample Cell view to correct. Because apple cant do mathematics, when loop is set to 0 , well Zero should not be an option , it should be 128th note . or a 64th etc .  but you can see a very small lump marked still on screen not 0 , then you go type or drag number in to 1 bar or 8 bar etc , this little bit lump seems to be added to the bar as extra length , one bar plus the bug amount .  Its mighty dumb and bugs every time, and reliably.  I made a Youtube video even. So many ways it goes wrong, and a chore to load .WAVs  into that are not cut precisely in advance and BPM stamped.

LIVE LOOPS, YOU CANT USE IT LIVE !!  or at least set it up live.


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