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Custom text per patch


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Hello. Is there way to have different custom text appearing in the same field for each patch? So not the text supplied by plugin or value etc but text I write. Example: for Patch 1 the box would display ‘Rec On/Off’, for Patch 2, the same box would display ‘Play/Stop’. Any help appreciated.

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Hi Third space, not sure if this is what you're after, but this is what i do to display lyrics and chords etc for each patch i use.

In layout mode, drag the TEXT box from the screen controls palette (lower half of screen) on to the layout screen (upper half) and position it to suit your needs. This will now appear in all your patches. In edit mode select the desired patch. Click on the text box in the upper half of the screen. Now enter any text you would like to be displayed, in the box on the lower part of the screen. You can edit this any time, size, font, colour etc.


Hope this helps!

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