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Headphones audio isn't accurate


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Whenever I use my audio interface, the audio is perfect. Sometimes the master fader goes past 0 decibels, but it doesn't sound distorted. It sounds good to me. But, I can't get that sound whenever I plug in headphones straight to my laptop. Whenever I turn the master fader way up, just to experiment how it would sound, the audio just gets quieter at the loud parts to compensate for the potential distortion. It feels like whenever I switch to just headphones, it activates a setting that does not allow any distortion in the mix. Basically, the audio with my interface compared to my headphones plugged into my laptop is different. I want them to sound the same. Please help.

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Yes, I usually plug my headphones into my audio interface. Yes, it sounds different when I plug the headphones into the jack in my macbook. My interface is Scarlett focusrite 2i2 3rd gen and my mac is MacBook Pro 13 inch m1. I don’t think it should be overloading the MacBook’s headphone output cuz I’ve dealt with daws on older pcs and it sounds the same as if I were to use an audio interface. 

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2 hours ago, monahanba said:

Yes, it sounds different when I plug the headphones into the jack in my macbook.

Of course it will. A dedicated audio interface will always sound better than a headphone out on a laptop, which we don't know what type of limiting goes on it to avoid blowing up the laptop speakers.

So don't use the laptop speakers to mix. It's very misleading.

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