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Duplicate a Controller Assignments Mode so I can create a new "version" of that mode

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I want to map a new EQ to my current Controller Assignments Mode (using the pots on my controller that are currently mapped to my old EQ). However, I want the option to switch back to controlling my old EQ when needed. I have many other assignments setup in this mode though not just for the EQ. 

Is it possible to duplicate a Controller Assignments Mode (or Zone) so that I can have 2 identical Modes and then update the duplicated one with the new EQ assignments. If not, is there a way of going about this to avoid having to create an entire new map?

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You can create a new mode/zone, name it something different (to distinguish it from the first), and then copy/paste your existing assignments from one to the other, and then edit them accordingly. That's about the only way of achieving this I can think of...

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12 minutes ago, des99 said:

copy/paste your existing assignments from one to the other,

Thats perfect. Thanks. I was trying to right click the Assignments and cmd+D the Mode. Both to no avail.

Correct steps for the record;

>Shift Select the assignments

> cmd+C

> Hit "+" to Create a new Mode

> cmd + V to paste Assignments into new Mode 

> Edit new duplicate Mode as will

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