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MIDI modifiers to play all scales on white keys in logic ??


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Is there any way I could mapping different scales to white keys? 


1. Play all scales using white keys only.
All you would need to know is C major or A minor Scale (it will give people so much more creativity) using familiar shapes.

2. Be able to record shifted scale on the track. (so if I am playing in C major but I have selected E minor) it should record E minor notes on the track if the option is selected.


I heard Cubase does but I was wondering If logic has features like this

As always love you guys🙏


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2 hours ago, Zipfunk said:

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but I sometimes transpose the track in the Region Inspector to play in different keys.

This will not take any scale into account, it just changes the pitch of every note by the same value

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6 minutes ago, MikeRobinson said:

Now, who was that "famous composer" who, it is said, always played only the white keys, and paid for a piano which could shift the internal mechanism to play in other keys?  Or is this just an urban legend? 🤔

Don't you know that the black keys are evil?

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