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multitrack recording gets pitched down, bitcrused, distorted, need help to repair/solution 😭


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so, 3 days ago i record live performance for 3 days, the equipment was m1 macbook pro with external ssd, and behringer xr18. sample rate is 44,1. the first day i record, i go home and check the file it's ok, the second and third day i record i dont check because i think i've check enough for the first day. the day i check all the file omg, it's pitched down, bitcrushed, distorted with digital clipping on the second and thir day. it's like the audio have been sample rate missmatched, but with the addition of clipping and bitcrushed, it's like a robot. and yes, my waveform is not clipping.

is there any suggestion for repairing or solution? really desperate here.... 😭

if you want to hear the madness of the recording check here:


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21 hours ago, polanoid said:

Damn that doesn't sound as if it can be repaired... you write it's a multitrack recording, do the other tracks sound like that as well? What buffer size did you choose? Did you check the signal (using input monitoring) prior to recording?

yes, all the track is like that. i don't remember the buffer size because it's too hectic to check when on the venue, i only care about the input device that selected (the asio of behringer xr18). i don't check the monitoring of the recording because i was busy mixing for the FOH too. actually i've surrender to the "bad day", but i just want to know if there's a way to repair the audio recording... thank you for commenting πŸ™Œ

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19 hours ago, fisherking said:

did you save as a package or a folder? can you find the audio files (in a folder if you saved as folder, or in the package contents if saved as package... click on one, hit the space bar (or open in quicktime for example). are the audio files ok? or...??

yes, the audio that i share in the google drive is the audio in the folder of logic pro project folder, it's not the problem with my playback system, it's the problem of the recording itself. i play it with apple music and that's the actual sound.....

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I listened to your sample and I agree that there's not much you'll be able to do to salvage the files. It sounds like there may have been a digital clock sync issue between your audio interface and Logic Pro when you recorded. For example the interface is set to a sample rate and Logic Pro to another. This should normally never happen (you should always set your sample rate in your Logic Pro project - not on your interface, then make sure that the audio interface automatically switched to the sample rate you've selected for your project in Logic Pro).Β 

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