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Output randomised MIDI to clean track and record it


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Hello everyone

I have a MIDI track that I've played with using Logic's randomiser, Arp and transposer. I like it a lot but would like to edit the post-MIDI FX output in the piano roll. At the moment the piano roll shows the original MIDI, even though what I hear is the FX-ed MIDI.

I'd like to record the FX-ed MIDI to a fresh MIDI track so I can see the outputted notes in the piano roll and work with them. Is there a way to do this? 

Hope that makes sense!

Thank you!


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Unfortunately LogicPro doesn't have a built in way to do that.  I can give you two ways to work around that, one way is free, the other way is sample accurate.

The free way is to send the midi output to an IAC port and then record it on input to a new track.  I don't have time to write up detailed instructions for that right now, you may be able to find that on the net in numerous places with a search.  But in a nutshell, you create an IAC port using MacOS AudioMidi Setup tool.  Then the track you want to capture, use the external instrument plugin to send that to IAC instead of using a software instrument.  

Once that midi is being echoed to IAC during playback it will automatically be looping around back to the input of LogicPro, so you can record enable a different track and record it to a new track that way.  If you use a newer version of LogicPro you can also avoid midi loopback problems by explicitly setting the input ports to use.

The above way will work fine, and although its not sample accurate, its probably still accurate within one millisecond FWIW.

The non-free way is to purchase MidiFXFreeze, which works very well and very easy.  It captures the midi into the plugin and then you simply drag and drop it over to the track you want.

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Thank you Dewdman42. That’s really helpful. I think I’ll go the plug-in route - 6 USD seems a small price to pay.

Shame it’s not a built in feature though. I’ll put it in my mental “why can’t we easily rearrange the order of faders in the mixer” brain list of ‘something to do with legacy code, probably” canon.


thank you again 😊

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