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Auto naming MIDI regions


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One feature I miss from my Pro Tools days was the ability of the DAW to keep track of MIDI regions by giving each one a unique name. One mode allows you make a copy of a region, edit the copy, and the new copy automagically has a new region name. It helps you keep track of what regions are copies of each other and what you've changed. But in LP, if you make a copy of a region and edit it, the region name stays the same. You can't tell in the main tracks pane if regions are copies, or modified versions, of each other. Looking at a track full of regions, each with the same region name, does not convey any useful information. There isn't even a way, other than visually examining the contents of regions in an edit window, to see if two regions are the same. And that is pretty error prone. 

So my question is, does LP have a mode or option that causes a MIDI region to automatically get renamed when you edit a region that's a copy?

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