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How to change tempo of audio files and have it be on time?


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I have a song that goes from 168BPM to 148BPM and I keyed in the project's tempo to drop to 148 halfway through the song. I also cut my stems, moved them to a new audio track, pressed command F and then selected polyphony. This did end up slowing my audio files down, but the algorithm just chose awful timing for some reason? I mean, I have quarter note power chords and it somehow managed to screw up the timing -_-

How do I change the global tempo to make all my audio files scale down to 148BPM while still being on time? Yes, I can manually go through and flex it on time, but for some tracks the polyphonic screwed it up so bad I can't even figure out how to put it on time anymore.

Literally every other DAW does this seamlessly, why doesn't Logic? Am I just missing something? Thanks.

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You don't have to cut anything / move to new tracks to do this.

It sounds like you received stems which have a tempo change in them, and you're trying to adjust Logic's tempo map so everything stays on the grid. In that case, I would:

1) Keep all stems (uncut) on single tracks, and turn flex off

2) Make your tempo changes so that with no flex, things play back with the click correctly. If this is true:

3) Select your stems, right-click and choose Tempo->Remove Original Recording Tempo, then Tempo->Write Project Tempo to Audio File

The above process essentially "burns" the tempo map into your audio files, so that simply turning flex on will do nothing (cause no time stretching or compression whatsoever). Then from there you can manually edit to tighten as needed.

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