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Drum Kit Designer: Unable to map Roland TD-1 V-Drum correctly.


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Ok, scratching my head hard on this one:

I have the Roland V-Drum TD-1 connected via USB, I've loaded a Drum Kit Designer patch and all hell has broken loose. None of the mappings are correct, and only a few of the pads even trigger a sound despite MIDI being registered and received by Logic.

Steps I've taken:

1. Verified all connections are secure and kit functions independent of Logic Pro.

2. Changed setting from "GM" to "V-Drum".

3. Attempted to use Scripter's "Drum Kit Designer Remapper" [setting back to GM on that one too].

4. Played the entire kit and made sure that Logic Pro is receiving a signal for all triggers.

In step 3 I've also noticed that when I trigger the Kick Drum as well as the Floor Tom Logic Pro is receiving "C1" for both yet triggering a high-tom sound which is supposed to be triggered by "C2".  Also, I'll hit the Snare, for example, see that Logic is receiving "D1" and make sure that D1 is being scripted to Snare, run scripter and still get no sound. 

[EDIT: I've also factory reset the TD-1]

I'm baffled. 

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Ok, it gets weirder.

If I open up a Drum Machine Designer, the pads all correspond correctly. If I Record Enable the Drum Kit Designer along with the Drum Machine Designer, simultaneously, both will correspond correctly but when using only the Kit Designer it reverts back to the incorrect settings...

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