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Score Editor - More Features for Independent Notes

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It would be incredibly useful if Independent Notes  had more features - in the example below the pink C 8th note  in the first screenshot needs to become a dotted quarternote and last to the end of the second beat.

The only way to do this is to make add a third voice to the Staff Style which is creates lots more unnecessary rests and editing.

It would be ideal if the odd Independent Note could be made to behave according to the rules of the bar - but in the case of turning the C into a dotted quarter independent it now looks illiterate with no quaver rest in front.

Graphically it could be solved if the position of the quarter note rest could be moved upwards and an 8th note rest inserted directly in front of the dotted quarter note C

Would this be too obscure a feature? How much recoding would it take?



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A second possibility – if you're concerned primarily with a printed score – is to export the project as MusicXML to dedicated music-scoring software.  Such as Finale, Sibelius, or the software that I personally use (free and open source, but extremely capable) MuseScore.  For this category of software, the printed page is the primary focus.  Unlike Logic, which is focused on performances.

I find that MusicXML makes it very straightforward to move material from one product to the other most of the time. 

If Logic's score-editor can't do it now and "you need it done," here is a practical alternate workflow that should get you there by deadline.

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On 6/16/2022 at 7:54 PM, Music Spirit said:

Would this be too obscure a feature? How much recoding would it take?

Yeah it might be a bit of a contradiction and not very practical. For what you want maybe a dummy muted note with hidden notehead/stem (takes care of auto spacing) and text quarter rest with bravura? Personally don't find standard piano workflow too bad using separate staff styles and chopping bars.

But rather than what you suggest, I think a more comprehensive 'hide' feature to include notes and rests etc along with ability for rests also to be independent, could very quickly allow and ease the making of way more versatile workarounds but with near minimal coding surely?...




Screenshot 2022-08-28 at 16.56.44.png

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