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Creative beat making

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Does anyone know of a good resource/course for learning how to make creative and complex beats in Logic?

I'm imagining:

Using unconventional sounds and samples as well as conventional drums
Ability to randomise some channels - eq, pan, filters etc
Auto generation of some elements
Keeping things changing
High level of editing possibility
Easy to cut/paste and move into irregular time signatures

Could sound like a sort of patchwork AI electronic jazz drummer improvising? :-)

Or if you have examples of this sort of thing, I'd love to hear...

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  • melodica123 changed the title to Creative beat making

That would be a pretty specific course, I'm not sure if there's such a thing out there. 

However what I would recommend is that you learn the individual techniques (perhaps in various places, but feel free to ask questions in the Logic Pro forum and we'll be happy to help). Then you can use your own creativity to apply them to your beats. That way you'd learn by doing. 

Subjects of questions you could ask are things like: 

  • What kind of unconventional sounds and samples do you use for creative beats?
  • How do you randomize effects (EQ, Pan, Filters) on individual channels?
  • Can you auto-generate patterns?
  • How do you make a beat evolve to keep things changing? 

etc... in fact all those are very interesting topics that could trigger some interesting discussions in the forum! So don't hesitate. I already have some answers in mind. 

I'm not sure what you mean by "High level of editing possibility"? 

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This really gets into the entire area of "music composition" and "song forms."  Many real drummers will very slightly change their beats when the song moves into a different section ("AABA," etc.).  Much less commonly, a song might shift into a new time signature – such as from 4:4 to 6:8 and maybe back again – to cause the downbeats to move around and to make the song "suddenly sound more interesting" even though a non-musician member of the audience might not know how the trick was done.

I once did a song which used a "dreamy commentary interlude" between each verse, in which the tempo was much slower and the time-signature shifted from 4:4 to 3:4 only for that section.  Worked like a charm.

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