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Logic w/ New Computer Question

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Apologies for the super newbie question, but I'm about to get a new computer from Apple's refurbished stock. I haven't bought a new CPU in almost 10 years, and I've had Logic the whole time.

Do I need to make sure the new machine has Logic, or since I've already bought it can it be installed after it arrives?


• Logic 10.4.8

• OS 10.13.6

• IMac

• 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5

•24 G RAM


• MIDI Controller manufacturer and model Akai MPK249

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Almost every single Mac that I have ever purchased came from the Refurbished section of the Apple site – and I make it a point to purchase the longest-available duration of the AppleCare® warranty when I do so.  These system specs look good, particularly the 24 GB of RAM.

Once you have purchased Logic from the App Store, you can legally install it, I think, onto up to five additional computers.  (And I don't know if the App Store actually checks or enforces that.)

You might wish to export some things like the Sound Library to an external (USB) hard drive.  Then, you can specify that same drive as the Sound Library location on the new Mac, thereby potentially saving a lot of tedious re-downloading. (As well as relieving space constraints on the built-in SSD "drives," which in my opinion are still a bit too small.)

Also: if you save everything to Time Machine™ on an external hard drive, as of course you should be doing all along, you might find that you can "restore the new computer from a Time Machine backup," following the sometimes-a-bit-confusing instructions, and find that Logic is right there waiting for you.


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