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Linking Roland FA08 with Logic Pro and a Beringher x18 Air mixer


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I have an Roland FA08 connected by USB to my Apple Mac. I also have a X18 Air mixer connected by USB to my Apple Mac.

I seem unable to direct some Logic Pro sound output to the X18 mixer even though I can direct all other sound from my Apple Mac to it. And indeed I can direct simple audio recorded tracks from Logic to it but not any Midi recorded tracks.

To clarify, if I record playing from my Roland to a midi track in Logic then I cannot seem to send it as output to the x19 mixer. Whereas if I record audio input, via a mic, then I can send that to the X19. It seems that the midi recording will only send back to the Roland FA08 from whence it originated.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for help


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It seems that what you recorded in Logic from your Roland FA08 is only MIDI.

MIDI isn't sound. The recorded MIDI you send to your X18 (if you manage to do so) would not emit any sound. MIDI are just data code that instruct a musical instrument to play different notes. And the sound will come from that musical instrument. Such a musical instrument has to be able to understand MIDI data code.

Consider MIDI as a music sheet. A music sheet will note emit any sound on its own. But a musician able to read same will emit the corresponding sound with its instrument. Ie, synths (either software or hardware) contains both (the musician able to decode the MIDI-score and the musical instrument).

The X18 isn't any of those. Logic is; providing that you know how to set it accordingly.

If you recorded only MIDI in Logic from your FA08, Logic could play it back via a software instrument, or conduct your FA08 to play it back.

If you record the audio coming from your FA08 onto an audio track in Logic, then you will be able to playback that recorded audio through your X18.

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