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Wiping out computer - how to get Logic Pro back


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I may be attempting to erase my Mac and start over.  I have some odd USB issue with my Line 6 Helix and I can't get the software to recognize my Helix.  Long story short Line 6 can't help, their forums are confused and apple support said my last chance is to erase the Mac.   Logic Pro is my only application of value.  Since I bought it on the App Store, if I log in to a "new" wiped out Mac, will I be able to go to the App Store and download my Logic Pro x application again without it thinking I need to buy it again?  Thanks.  

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You can get even older version of Logic, if you want for some reason. I had to clean install Mojave to my old Mac because of different kind of a problems – and after that I downloaded Logic 10.5 just for curiosity.

Apple Store recognizes what OS you are using and automatically suggests compatible version of Logic. Simple as that.


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