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Issues searching for wav files using ALL FILES search in Logic 10.7.4


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(Logic 10.7.4) When I do a search for certain files (for example, files with Bbm or F# in their file name) using the ALL FILES search function it will NOT locate any .wav files in the search (my sample library is mostly .wav files). This is true whether they are apple enabled loops or not. Other files (e.g. .mid) will appear.

If I change a file with a .wav file name to an .aiff file name, it will then appear in a subsequent search. It seems if the logic search function is set up not to locate .wav files.

I have no problem playing or using .wav files in Logic 10.7.4 - it just won't return .wav files in a search. I have never had this issue in previous versions of Logic.

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Try opening your Project panel on the left, View -> Files Sorted By -> File Type

Then View -> Show Groups and Sets

Then collapse all the groups and you should see a grouping of your WAV files if they're in there.



Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 3.51.22 PM.png

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