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Disk Overload

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I've bought a new SSD for my sound libraries. After moving them over from my old SSD, I have disk overloads whenever I play on my midi keyboard. Slow melodies seem to work but whenever I play faster the audio cracks. I already tried lowering the buffer and buffer range, sadly didn't solve the issue. 

The SSD is a Samsung T7, so the read/write speed shouldn't be the issue. 

Thank you in advance


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As a start,

Was the drive you moved your VST libraries from on an internal or another external drive?

If the old drive was external as well, what was the model#?

When playing/recording VST instruments I find that enabling low latency mode works really well to alleviate the types of issues you're experiencing. Adjusting the buffer and I/O typically have more of an impact during recording and playback of audio content.

Provide an answer to the first few questions for the forum and try enabling low latency mode to see if it makes a difference for you in the meantime

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The old drive was also a Samsung SSD T7. I copy pasted the folder from the root of my old SSD and relocated the files on my new SSD with Native Access. 

I tried to enable low latency mode but there's no change sadly... 

Someone else used to re-install all 3rd party instruments and libraries to fix a similar issue but I'm not sure if this will help me out in my situation. 

Thank you for your help.

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